As a teen, I did not write well. I didn’t understand grammar rules, and it drove me absolutely crazy. Using the wrong there/their, your/you’re, less vs. fewer—I was a wreck. I decided then and there to devote myself to grammar. I read constantly. I studied the rules until they were engrained in me. I helped everyone I could with their homework, knowing it would help me, too. By my senior year, I had become one of the strongest editors and proofreaders in the school.

A decade (or more…) later, I’ve been given the rare opportunity to write and edit for a living. With a career in PR, I’ve penned blog posts, news stories, op-eds, and speeches on a variety of topics. In every workplace I’ve had, I quickly became the in-house copy editor and proofreader for all marketing and PR materials, because my coworkers knew they could trust me to catch every one of their errors.

So when I started writing fiction, it was only natural that I would jump at the chance to be someone’s critique partner. For the last three years, I’ve been a CP and beta reader for dozens of writers. As a moderator of the /r/YAwriters group, I help lead query and writing critiques. And as a Pitch Wars mentee turned mentor, I’ve been able to give back to the writing community by offering feedback and critiques to every writer who submitted to me.

Editorial services help polish your manuscript, but they can also make you a better writer.

Are you looking to get an agent or a publisher, but you think your story needs help? Consider hiring me to help. From query critiques to full manuscript developmental work, I can use my expertise to help you get where you want to go.

Are you self-publishing your novel, novella, or short story collection? I specialize in line editing and proofreading for full-length novels and short story collections, in both UK and US English.





“Phil did a great job letting me know when my writing packed emotional resonance and when it hit the wrong chords. His comments were amazingly perceptive. They added so much to my novel—RED BLOODED wouldn’t be what it is without his vital insight.” – Caitlin Sinead
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166_0.034755001439235500_ada_cv_hr“Phil worked as a proof reader on my title A Dark Assortment and I was very impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and skill. Phil polished my manuscript beautifully while respecting the original voice and intentions of my work. Phil is a pleasure to work with and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his editing services.” – Mikey Campling
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Query, Synopsis, Partial Critiques

  • Three rounds of query edits for one manuscript. | $30 | $20 Introductory Price (until Nov. 1)
  • One round of query edits. | $15 | $10 Introductory Price (until Nov. 1)
  • Up to three rounds of 1–3 page synopsis edits. | $35

Submission Package Critique 

  • One round of edits for the query, synopsis, and first 7,500 words of your manuscript. | $75 | $50 Introductory price (until Nov. 1)


Pitch Critiques


  • One Twitter pitch for #PitMad or similar. | $5
  • Five Twitter pitches for #PitMad. | $15
  • One 30–50 word pitch. | $15

Pitch Package ($25 savings!)

  • Three Twitter pitches, one 30–50 word pitch, one round of query edits. | $20

Full Manuscript Editing

  • Developmental edit—one pass through manuscript with tracked changes, and a full edit letter. | $750 | $400 Introductory Price (until Nov. 1)
  • Developmental and line edit—one full pass through manuscript with tracked changes, a full edit letter, and a second pass of line edits. | $1,200 | $750 Introductory Price (until Nov. 1)
  • Line editing, two-week turnaround. | $.012 per word
  • Proofreading, two-week turnaround. | $.01 per word


Interested? Contact Me:


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