Shop Local

Indie bookshops are a vital part of their communities, but they’re facing continued difficulties with the pandemic: supply chain issues, severe weather, and more. That’s why I’m partnering with so many other publishers and authors to encourage you to shop local now this holiday season!

Why should you shop local? Independent bookstores are often the biggest champions of queer and diverse books, local businesses create higher-paying jobs for our neighbors and keep money in our communities, and from book clubs to author events local bookstores are vital community centers.

Find your local independent bookstore on Indiebound today! You can also use or to order books and audiobooks while benefitting indies. If you’re looking to pick up a copy of my books for the holiday, shop now *and* shop local using the links below:

The Gravity of Us – Indiebound | | | Shop Local (Canada)

As Far As You’ll Take Me – Indiebound | | | Shop Local (Canada)